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2020 Annual Report

Our purpose, a self-evidence


With all of its unforeseen events, concerns and questions about our health and the environment, 2020 showed us just how justified, necessary and visionary ecosystem’s purpose is in order to build the conditions for a sustainable and virtuous model. Our purpose takes its roots from what characterises ecosystem since its creation, that of a high environmental value model, that constitutes the basis of our future mission-based company. We owe this heritage to Christian Brabant, who, for 15 years was a major, exemplary and ambitious architect of the French recycling industry. His vision, perseverance and management allowed ecosystem to be one of the most effective take-back scheme operators in Europe. On behalf of the entire ecosystem team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the remarkable work he has accomplished.

Alain Grimm-Hecker
CEO ecosystem