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2020 Annual Report

Household WEEE collection by retailers

Key figures

collection points in operation by retailers
tonnes collectées par les distributeurs

Profile of store brand partners

*This breakdown has been calculated using ecosystem tonnages.

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Quantity collected per stream

Local authorities collected 123,955 tonnes of household WEEE.

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Number of collection points and amounts collected per type of retailer


Large food stores


11 142,7 1 767
Specialised supermarkets


88 972,1 1 605
Independents (under a store name)


17 286,2 1 365
Building industry wholesalers and shops


1 600,2 236
Mail/internet order


4 273,2 61
Other independents (building trade, kitchen designers/fitters, mobile telephone, etc.)


680,4 415

Density of operational recycling facilities

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Review of the local support provided to retailers

At the beginning of 2020, we finished updating our collection units with ecosystem’s new colours in all our partners’ stores.

The year was then disrupted by the implementation of health restrictions making it impossible for retailers to carry out their take-back duties in a context where logistics were severely affected.

To assist stores in starting up their WEEE collection activities again we organised a telephone canvassing mission in order to list the needs and concerns of our partners. An effective return to local visits was possible at the end of May 2020, whilst strictly adhering to the health protocols required by the retail stores and according to each region’s policy. Our teams showed how flexible they were in this very special context in order to be able to maintain contact with our partners and support the start up again of their activities.