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2020 Annual Report

Professional retailers

Providing information to professional retail customers on lamp, tube and professional weee collection in order to develop collection

Communication tools established in 2020 in partnership with professional electrical equipment retailers, in particular Rexel and Sonepar, have enabled our recycling awareness-raising campaigns in regards to collection and recycling to be communicated to various audiences: electricians, plumbers-heating technicians, builders and installers/fitters, etc.

These multimedia communication tools have enabled us to reach out to our audiences:

- On the Internet, via a web campaign including dynamic banners and headers,on e-commerce sites, web pages about our service offering and a mailing to an 80,000-strong client database, etc.

ecosystem_Rexel_AP-Juillet2019_210x297 - Copie

- In catalogues with advertisements in the press (between 2,500 and 70,000 copies distributed depending on the medium used).

- In agencies, with the screening of videos and display of posters giving sorting instructions in recycling areas.

An information sheet and practical guide for teams present at sales points have also been developed. These documents provide these teams with basic information to understand ecosystem’s collection service offering so that they can promote this offering to their customers. The documents also give details on the processes to follow for the efficient collection of electrical equipment.

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