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2020 Annual Report


Raising the awareness of waste management operator employees and those bringing waste to their sites

In 2020 ecosytem focused on two priority awareness-raising initiatives with waste management operators: the deposit and the maintenance of integrated cooling equipment and the specific handling of the labelled WEEE on the site.

To raise the awareness of those depositing waste and that of waste management operator employees, ecosystem has developed an awareness-raising poster on how to maintain the structural integrity of cooling equipment so that depollution and recycling operations can be carried out.

Affiche frigo endommage HD

To prevent labelled electrical and electronic equipment being deposited or being discovered on waste management operator premises, ecosystem has developed a poster to raise awareness on this. It shows the different types of labelling that exist and the action that needs to be taken in the event that labelled products are brought to the site.

Affiche DEEE marqués

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