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2020 Annual Report

Logistics and treatment


Key figures

tonnes of CO2 eliminated
avoid emissions of tonnes CO2

The OPERA project

The OPERA project was launched at the end of 2018 in order to streamline ecosystem’s operational processes and to incorporate them into a single information system (SAP) based on a comprehensive and coherent logistical service offering (defined in the SOLEERE project), aimed at our partners in the four sectors.

In 2020, in the backdrop of a difficult health crisis and working often at a distance from one another, our teams demonstrated their strong and resilient group spirit and kept the projects going.

The results can be seen: a new logistics master plan has been modelled and validated, all of our invitations to tender specifications have been written for logistics and treatment, our target operational processes have been finalised as well as our requirements in IT, and our IT framing initiated.

2021 bodes well for the same dynamism. Invitation for tenders were launched and IT development started. Testing of our new IT solution will then follow as well as the organisation and management of a training plan with our partners and operators without forgetting training for our in-house teams. All of this will give body to the offering that will be implemented at the beginning of February 2022.

The SOLEERE project

The SOLEERE project was launched in February 2019 in order to streamline ecosystem’s collection offering and simplify access to solutions.
In 2019, the project team redefined the logistical offering by taking into account collection methods, the collection point network management process as well as the running of these points. The team also established a road map in order to optimise and innovate the different collection solutions.

In 2020, the project team launched several studies with collection partners (active or not) and the general public through a collaborative “journey” approach.

In 2021, different working groups will establish initiatives to implement the main recommendations made by these studies: better processing of malfunctions, make activating collection points easier as well as the management of the network and redefine the ecosystem collection partner.

The team will also assist all our partners during the launch of our new logistics offering in February 2022 in keeping with the OPERA and ORCHESTRE projects.

An monitoring policy to guarantee recycling quality

After 15 years of building a high added-value industry and following the integration of more and more diverse stakeholders in collection, regrouping and transport operations and treatment processes, a single monitoring policy for all ecosystem operators was created and implemented, regardless of their area of business or type. 5 principles, the basis of ecosystem’s monitoring policy, were established.