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2020 Annual Report

Household WEEE

don emmamus réemploi

Key figures

household appliances reused/repaired
tonnes of WEEE returned to the industry

Social and solidarity economy (SSE)

The Emmaüs France network redeploys electrical and electronic equipment coming from private individuals. The Envie network enables large household appliances collected by retailers to be reused.

In 2020, almost 597,259 appliances were thus recovered or reused after repair.


Changes to national agreements

In 2020, the funding scales in the national agreements with Emmaüs and Envie were reviewed. Both groups saw an increase of +26% compared to the previous agreement. The emphasis was notably placed on reuse by increasing the funding of reused Large Household Appliances (LHA) sold. This funding scale review fostered the reuse of appliances and took into account the economic effects of collection that maintains employment.

Creation of new sites

Several projects were in progress during 2020. The next sites to be created will be at Envie Paris Le Labo (March 2021), Envie Brest, Envie La Roch-sur-Yon and Envie Montpellier.

Exceptional funding for SSE stakeholders in the face of the effects of Covid-19

2020 was particularly difficult for SSE stakeholders, the economic model of which, essentially based on the sale of renovated products or appliances, came to a complete standstill for three months. After a call for donations had been made in May 2020 by Emmaüs, ecosystem decided to provide financial support to the Emmaüs and Envie groups, substantially affected by the health crisis. Based on the funding received from March to May 2019, we thereby funded the loss in earnings of nearly 500,000€ for the 180 entities concerned. This exceptional donation, paid between the 10 October and 15 December 2020, provided financial relief for those benefiting from it and enabled them to gradually resume their activities.

Consult Reuse and Redeployment by sectors