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2020 Annual Report


  • Digital accessibility

An accessible website is one that can be easily navigated by all users, including those with disabilities and using special software or equipment.

ecosystem pays particular attention to the quality of its websites.

It is committed to complying with the RGAA (référentiel général d’accessibilité pour les administrations - the digital accessibility guidelines for French government bodies), the government’s Internet charter and the Opquast eco-design and best practices checklists.


  • RGAA statement of compliance

The statement of compliance is currently being prepared and will be published as soon as possible.




  • Right to compensation and contact

It is important to remember that pursuant to Article 11 of the law of February 2005, disabled persons are entitled to be compensated for the consequences of their handicap, regardless the origin and the nature of said handicap or of their age or lifestyle.

As such, each organisation is obliged to do what is necessary to give access, within a reasonable timeframe, to the information and functionalities sought by the disabled person, whether or not the content is subject to a derogation.

You can thus obtain an accessible version of any of the documents or information contained on this site by sending an email to the contact address specifying the name of the document in question and/or the information that you wish to obtain.

The requested information will be sent to you as quickly as possible.


  • Defender of rights

If you notice an accessibility failure preventing you from accessing content or a functionality of the site, which you report to us and which we do not address quickly enough, you are entitled to submit your grievances or your application to refer the matter to: Le défenseur des droits (the defender of rights) 7, rue Saint-Florentin 75409 Paris cedex 08 Tel: +33 9 69 39 00 00

Contact the defender of rights via the online form