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2020 Annual Report

The ecosystem team

From environmental expertise to communications, client and partner relations, the development of the collection network, logistics, studies or IT and the support operations, our wide-reaching business is reflected in the wealth of our missions.


Key figures

A performance of
/100 in the Women-Men equality Index
% women

A responsible company

Here at ecosystem, human resources are hinged on company values: team work, commitment, responsibility and being demanding. We make it a point of honour that each employee identifies with the company’s vision and project. Our teams share strong ethical values, built collectively and founded on a shared principle: “Together, we commit to be demanding in taking on our responsibilities".

Employee breakdown and profiles

ecosystem obtained a overall score of 95/100in the Women-Men equality index for 2020. We are delighted with this fantastic result, improving the score by5 points compared to the year before, which reflects our company’s strong commitment to professional equality.

In 2020, ecosystem’s workforce comprises 58% women and 42% of men.

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ecosystem has more than 78 businesses and 145 employees

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In 2020 more than 91,7% of employees had an open-ended employment

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Social dialogue

Despite a turbulent year due to the current health crisis, several company initiatives were created in 2020 following discussions, bringing together management and personnel representatives. To promote this several working groups were created comprising personnel representatives and management on themes such as week-end working conditions or additional health insurance schemes.

Furthermore, a Covid situation team, including personnel representatives, was established in order to adjust the company’s organisation agilely and in the best possible way depending upon the changes in the health crisis.

Training policy and initiatives

Long-term employee skills development is at the heart of our priorities. In 2020, despite the health crisis, investment in training (excluding salaries) was maintained at 1.2% of the payroll, representing 1206 hours of training. Furthermore, we adjusted the training course format for distance training, implemented within the national health protocol framework.

Work life quality

ecosystem pays particular attention to its employee working conditions, in particular during the pandemic backdrop. This is why events to maintain team cohesion “at a distance” took place: meetings using “Teams” twice a month, an escape game as well as amusing materials shared by our communications team (recipe ideas, films, play lists, virtual exhibitions, at home workouts, best practices for distance working, etc.).

Moreover, when employees did come to work on company premises, ecosystem ensured their safety by supplying the necessary protection equipment and in implementing social distancing rules.

SHREC, a group of engaged employees

2020 was year marked by the health crisis which generated major changes in the way we work. The SHREC (Harmonious, Responsible and Environmental Solutions in the Work Place) team, comprised of volunteer employees took the opportunity to renew its awareness-raising initiatives with three major events:

• The SHREC challenges, during the first lockdown, to go green at home;
• The creation of a bike plan assisted by the Human Resources Department, ready for the easing of lock down.
• A “Fresque du climat” workshop for all employees on the cause and consequences of environmental issues.

Feedback on the Fresque du Climat workshop

An awareness-raising tool on climate change and its challenges, developed by an association with the same name, the Fresque du Climat, enabled the chain of causes and consequences of climate change to be reconstituted. Assisted by the consulting firm, Gaïabati, the SHREC group and the company’s Communications Department organised 3 major workshops at a distance in order to enable employees to participate.

Employees were reminded about the stakes in climate change during these three major events, and each employee was able to take time to become aware of these and to discuss them, in full coherence with ecosystem’s values.