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2020 Annual Report

B to B Communication

B to B communication serving professionals

With our household WEEE, professional WEEE, lamps and small fire extinguisher cross-sectoral approach it is important for ecosystem’s B to B communication to support the challenges of in-house teams and advertise ecosystem’s initiatives to professional audiences.

In 2020, to assist our producers and collection partners and those holding waste with their daily procedures, particular attention was paid to provide ready-to-use communication materials to inform and train both their teams and clients.

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Attracting new professional EEE producer members and making our members information relays

As recruiting new members for this sector is an important issue, marketing tools for our development team in 2020 were made more comprehensive, namely a presentation booklet and its associated PowerPoint presentation. Two practical, customisable guides with the brand’s logo were also made available to new members: one for training their sales team in ecosystem’s service offering so that they can promote this offering to their customers, and the other to relay information directly to their customers.

Enabling ecosystem members to promote their recycling initiatives

In order for producers to raise employee awareness in recycling and promote their commitment to the recycling of their products with their clients, new communication materials were provided during 2020 via a purpose-designed on-line catalogue. Our members have access to a presentation booklet and practical guides in order to extract the terms and wording that can be used in their own materials, as well as ready-to-use visuals (logos, thumbnails , invoice footers, small posters, etc.).

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Promoting assistance to household EEE producers in eco-design

In conjunction with the ecosystem’s eco-design team the communications team helped in implementing webinars to raise producers’ awareness in the eco-design of their products and the integration of recycled plastics originating from WEEE. These initiatives were relayed on the LinkedIn social network to generate registrations and to promote ecosystem’s know-how in these fields.

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General public retailers

Assisting public retailer stores in managing their recycling areas and raising the awareness of their customers.

Professional retailers

Providing information to professional retail customers on lamp, tube and professional weee collection in order to develop collection.

Regional authorities

Supporting local authority partner collection operations and facilitating the provision of information to their users.

Waste management operators

Raising the awareness of waste management operator employees and those bringing waste to their sites.

Those holding WEEE

Promoting our services to those holding used equipment in order to increase collection.

Those with waste electrical equipment, lamps and small fire extinguishers are extremely varied and come from many sectors: industry, construction industry, commerce, medical, hotel and catering, network and infrastructure, fire safety, etc.

A practical guide giving details on how to manage and organise the collection of electrical equipment was created for use by internal collection development teams with a cross-disciplinary approach in order to be sent to a maximum number of profiles of those holding waste.

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