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2020 Annual Report

A necessary acceleration

With the world pandemic, the French Law Against Waste and for the Circular Economy which redefines our playing field and the exceptional flooding and storms in several regions, 2020 was an exceptional year in many aspects and has seen us enter an intensive acceleration process. With the acceleration to meet the climate crisis, the intensified collection of electrical appliances, and the large-scale activation of behavioural changes of the French population to prolong their equipment’s service life: 2020 has set the rhythm for the coming years.
Our proactiveness, our capacity to rally and to support partners and the responsiveness of our teams will allow us to respond to the numerous challenges set by 2020. I am convinced that it is thanks to these same ingredients that we will succeed in setting a steady pace to fulfil the very ambitious challenges that our next authority approval period sets us. So off we go!

Nathalie Yserd, Managing Director


Activer largement les changements de comportement des
Français pour allonger la durée de vie de leurs équipements.

Nathalie Yserd

Managing Director