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2020 Annual Report

Household WEEE collection by local authorities

Key figures

municipal recycling facilities
tonnes collected
€ of funding awarded to local authorities

Breakdown of funding provided in 2020

 ecosystem funds logistical and treatment costs of household WEEE (appliances and lamps) coming from local authority collection points.

Logistical operations include collection (bulked or not) as well as regrouping and the provision of pallet boxes and skips. In regards to recycling, depollution and sorting materials are the most important treatment processes.

All operations managed by ecosystem cost an average cost of €262.58 per tonne (source ADEME 2019), excluding funding awarded to local authorities.


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Quantity collected per stream

Local authorities collected 303,917 tonnes of household WEEE. Click on + to see the breakdown of streams.


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Progression in population served

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Density of operational municipal recycling (MSW) facilities

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