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2020 Annual Report

Regional authorities

Supporting local authority partner collection operations and facilitating the provision of information to their users

In 2020, to help local authorities manage the various waste streams at their collection points and train their employees, ecosystem established four practical guidelines on household WEEE, professional WEEE, bulbs and small fire extinguishers. These guidelines enable collection to be implemented and best practices to be communicated and also provide practical information to raise the awareness of users who dispose of their used products at their collection points

In order to organise collection points, improve sorting and make the jobs of MRF employees easier, ecosystem also provides signs that summarise sorting instructions for users. These are adapted to the different conditions in which streams are stored at the collection points (palette boxes, skips, cargo containers, etc.). In 2020, ecosystem fitted 233 signage panels in 53 municipal recycling facilities for 16 local authorities.

A local presence is an additional driver in training and communicating information, in particular thanks to 3 regional speed meetings in which ecosystem took part in 2020 within the context of its partnership with the association Rudologia. These meetings, held on line due to the health crisis, raised the awareness of 64 local authorities about the collection of waste for which we are responsible.

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